We help and assist you during the following buy process :

1. The importer contacts one of the SEOBUK’s sales agents to make inquiries.

2. The sales agent communicates with the importer.

3. The importer picks one of the vehicles in stock to purchase.

4. The sales agent issues SEOBUK’s invoice and contract.

5. The importer signs the papers and makes the 30% deposit of the invoice.

6. SEOBUK loads the vehicle on the invoice to the earliest possible vessel departing from Korea to its destination Port.

7. After the departure, the sales agent sends the copy of all documents including Bill of Lading.

8. The importer makes remaining 70% transfer to SEOBUK.

9. Upon receiving full payment, the sales agent sends document package to the importer’s address by DHL express service.

10. DHL delivery takes 2-4 working days.

11. Upon delivery of the document package, the importer proceeds the customs declarations.

12. The end of the transaction.