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Dive into the fast-paced realm of Korean auto auctions,
where a diverse array of vehicles awaits your bid.
Deposit $5,000 USD and gain access to bid at 5 major auto auction holders across Korea.

Auto Auction Holder

  • hey dealer
  • LOTTE auto auction
  • autobell
  • K Car Auction

Auto Auctions Schedule

Auto Auctions Schedule Form
DAY Auto Auctions
Daily Hey Dealer Auto Auction (Throughout the week)
Monday Lotte Auto Auction
Tuesday Autobell Auto Auction
Wednesday Autobell Auto Auction, Autohub Auto Auction
Thursday Autobell Auto Auction, Kcar Auto Auction
Friday Autobell Auto Auction

Auto Auction Page Preview

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Special Auto Auction for Damaged & Junk Cars

Special Auto Auction for Damaged & Junk Cars Form
DAY Auto Auctions
Monday - Friday Happy Car Auto Auction (Damaged & Junk CARS)

Happycar Page Preview

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