• Over 2,200 Vehicles Sold
  • Partnerships in Over 25
  • Surpassing $20,000,000 USD
    in Annual Sales


SEOBUK is a global car exporter based in
Incheon, South Korea.

Established in 2000, we have dedicated over two decades to
forging strong collaborations with professional auto importers

Whether you are an established auto importer or an entrant
in the auto import industry, we are here to accelerate your
business journey.
At SEOBUK, we don’t just sell cars; we open doors to golden

Our commitment to providing competitive pricing, exceptional
service, and fast shipping has been the cornerstone of our
growth and client satisfaction.

We understand the value of time in the fast-paced automotive world, ensuring that our clients always stay ahead
of the curve.

Discover the SEOBUK difference today. Let's drive into a future of endless possibilities together.

    Drive Worldwide
    Deliver the utmost satisfaction to
    our business clients’customers
    Build a global network for
    sustainable growth


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  1. Step1. Search for Cars
  2. Step2. Get CFR Quotation (Car & Freight)
  3. Step3. Make a Payment (Car & Freight)
  4. Step4. Shipping
  5. Step5. Tracking & Documents delivery
  1. Step1 Search for Cars

    • From www.seobuk.org
    • From platform dealerships. (encar.com etc)
    • From Auto Auction Holders. (Autohub, Autobell, Kcar auto auctions)
  2. Step2 Get CFR Quotation (Car & Freight)

    • CFR quotation & invoice in USD or EUR by talking to one of Seobuk's sales managers.
  3. Step3 Make a Payment (Car & Freight)

    • Pay for the invoice! (Bank T/T)
  4. Step4 Shipping

    • We will check the fastest shipping schedule and proceed with the shipping.
      (Container or Ro-Ro)
  5. Step5 Tracking & Documents delivery

    • As soon as your container or Ro-Ro vessel departs from Korea,
      we provide the container number for shipment tracking,
      and send you required documents by DHL for customs clearance purposes.

Find cars to buy
on Encar.com

Korean's No.1 used car trading platform.
More than 1 million vehicles are registered

You can import Korean market standard
quality vehicles through encar.com.

SEOBUK is there to help you.

Instruction for Encar.com

  1. 1. Access the Site:

    Visit www.encar.com on Google Chrome Browser and use the translate function to view
    the site in English. (Recommended to use a PC, not the APP)

  2. 2. Sort with Filters:

    Utilize the filter system to narrow down your search. You can filter by Brand, Model, Year,
    Trims, Color, Mileage, Price Range, etc.

  3. 3. Select the Right Vehicle:

    Choose the vehicle that best suits your needs. Keep in mind, cheaper vehicles may have a
    history of severe accidents and high mileage. More expensive vehicles generally have
    clean histories and lower mileage.

  4. 4. Send the Link for Verification:

    Copy the link of your chosen vehicle and send it to the sales manager of SEOBUK
    for verification.

  5. 5. Get a Precise Quotation:

    SEOBUK will provide you with an accurate quotation in USD or EUR.